Eulogy for a Memory

A memory is born in the shadow
Of an instant’s death becoming
Public domain once it hits
Tomorrow. Quickly aged by a day
If aged by a decade in its telling
And retelling. Patent-free before
All living eyes, preserved for all
Generations to come, permanent
In the hearts of first persons,
Never to be secured by copyright.

A memory lives in various accounts,
Rising to a moment to be unbelievable,
Painful, magical, but in one constant-
A memory is unforgettable.

A memory dies when narrations
Cease and ink, like wells, runs dry,
And the world darkens on its last day.
Hence, a memory never dies in our
Time, but lives to become bedtime
Stories for restless children, starry
Serenades of nightly reminisces
With lovers, challenges of the minds
To overcome to find better tomorrows,
Unbound by trademarks of time and place.

A memory is immortal in our graces
Like tellurium’s half-life. No remorse
Nor tears nor flowers can mark its passing.
A memory does not die, it becomes history.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.


About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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15 Responses to Eulogy for a Memory

  1. segmation says:

    I never thought of memories in this manner. May the spirit live on! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  2. words4jp says:

    what a wonderful way to describe and pay tribute to memories. I have so many – many of which i could forget, but I cannot which makes sense due to the fact that they compose my history:)

    great piece –

  3. Incredible, thank you for this wonderful poem! This is just beautiful, a true poet’s poem as I call them (meaning it is breathtaking). The lines: ‘Quickly aged by a day
    if aged by a decade in its telling
    and retelling’ (which spoke of stories untold and unfolding) and ‘starry
    serenades of nightly reminisces
    with lovers’ (which is beautiful) gave me goosebumps, the whole concept was tragically romantic for me and the thought of those memories… I’d like to reblog this, please?

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  5. Oloriel says:

    This was s beautifully said I am shivering and I am aswell looking to my own memories frolicking proud and alive. I always through memories should be cherished, while all around me people were telling me true beauty lies in forgetting, so it makes me very happy when I read a poem like this.
    Your lines were very magical indeed and I am looking forward to reading more of your writting!

  6. Glynis says:

    You are an artist! Your usage of words and form is amazing!
    Thanks for posting the poem
    Write on! I’ll be reading.

  7. Bastet says:

    Wonderful! Yes…memories are once living now ghosts sometimes to be ressurected perhaps! Seems our mind was going in similar directions…sometimes I think that there is really a Akashic library!

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