Poetry Peddler

Note: Because We’re Poets gave us Poetry Prompt #8: This Round’s On You!: Sahm is letting us loose at the counter to create our own libation. So here it goes…

In this material world, your attention is in high demand. Billions of dollars are spent for you to buy products whether you want them or not, or even need them. So your prompt is to be the advertiser and to write a poem selling your product. Your product: Poetry. So go out there and peddle some poetry! (I think Sahm is contagious!)


© Shainbird

Feeling low?
Thoughts moving to and fro?
Inspiration doth in you flow?

Well…write it out in lieu
In sonnet or in haiku.
Anyone, this, can do!

Or, in free verse
For better ways to converse,
Won’t empty your cache, purse.

Try one today!
Don’t delay!
Your muse you must obey!

Posting is free!
Your mind, we will see!
More soothing than a cup of tea!

Satisfaction guaranteed,
Once you plant your soulful seed,
Poetry will succeed!

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

Please also visit other poets who have handed out their own prompts: Georgia at Bastet & Sekhmet gave us two prompts to tackle: a palindrome & an acrostic. Also check out the inventive prompt by The Running Son. Try them!


About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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14 Responses to Poetry Peddler

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  2. Poetry makes one word of 3.
    A communication of the distilling
    of dreams states and “meaning to say”
    and “what I really mean”. Saying

    I need you, or I love you, praying
    or supplicating or stating the mundane,
    poetry takes the pain of communication
    as easy as waiting for, then missing a train.


  3. Sahm King says:

    Now, this is a pretty clever prompt! Very awesome idea and very alluring piece of poetry. Should this be an actual sale, I’d be of a mind to purchase as much poetry as I could! Outstanding, Shainbird!

  4. ed says:

    Nice poem there! I wish I could do that too…This poem sounds more like on bloggers than anyone else, and it’s so very true for today!

  5. I do love writing poetry! Your words remind me about the beauty of creating poems!!

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