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Restraints – A Cinquain

Keepsakes – links to the past, possessing the present, rehearsing the future through saved clutter. Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved. Advertisements

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Winter Leaves

Note: Bastet of Bastet’s Pixelventures part of Because We’re Poets gave us another picture prompt: “So my dears…let’s look at flowers or plants! So pull out your cell phones or if you’ve got something better you can certainly use it, and let’s take on this risky … Continue reading

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Back Burner

I’ve got other fish to fry, So don’t you dare cry If I put you on the back burner. Sometimes I get in a jam, But don’t think I don’t give a damn If you’re still simmering on the back … Continue reading

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Writer’s Remorse

Never in the process of writing have I felt regret, Never with words streaming will I ever be in debt. As thoughts transform from world to mind to pen, There won’t be a place to keep me hemmed in. Nowhere … Continue reading

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Erik Satie Inspires Bastet and Shainbird

Note: Today, Bastet and I are trying an experiment together. We will each in our own choice of format write a piece inspired by Erik Satie’s Gymnopedies. She has chosen to paint words to Gymnopedie No. 3 for guitar and I have … Continue reading

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Weakness – An Acrostic

Note: Papi at Because We’re Poets has given us Thursday Poetry Prompt #13: “Weakness. I will let you off easily this week with the form of your choice.” Weakness Emerges After Knowledge Never Escaped Sobered Stupidity Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. … Continue reading

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Gather Your Hopes

Gather your hopes and bring your gun. A war is waging ‘neath the sun Betwixt rivals of wrong and wrong. Triggers in leash, it won’t be long ’Til we summon Armageddon. On lands, people, ideals we shun, Using munitions by … Continue reading

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