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Sublime moth with cape of gold Led astray in desperate destiny By a bulb of light, A dream envisioned from within, A home arrived as passion glows, Unknown to passerby. Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved. Advertisements

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Dead to the World

Upon the pillow of Poe Magic words flow in steady streams To the lullaby of Basho Haiku floats complete it seems In the folds of Gibran Lovely verse pierces with beams In the soundness of Frost A realm authenticating dreams … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Peace – A Terza Rima Sonnet

Oh ye sapient beings of legacies, Architects of sky scrapers, nuclear bombs, Phantoms hiding in facades of embassies. Know your calls to war summon the death of psalms, Heritage stained by a lexicon untrue, Callous, your gift of creating pain … Continue reading

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The After Hours – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, in the midst of a workday, yet it seems like the after hours. The dust begins to settle reverberating in the emptiness of the station. Tickets withheld in the absence of people not rushing to get somewhere. The jewelry … Continue reading

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We all go about streaking, Trailing lines behind, Our motions streaming Byproducts of synergy, Highlighting iotas Of personal histories, Unraveling bits Of ourselves, Leaving lines On lover’s lips, Braiding bands Between brothers, Scraping slashes On strangers’ souls, At times, cords … Continue reading

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Time Traveler – An Introvertical

Time moves because the traveler Exists with bags packed To journey from point A to Measure the depth of a heart or The lay of the land, but in a Lapse of concentration, In a moment of automation, Living becomes … Continue reading

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Dead Trees

Summer winds tickle leaves Of trees growing beside, A dead tree doesn’t laugh Whose limbs are petrified. Sullen and without sway, Barely a shade to provide, Yet it looms high above Beyond personas belied. Arms outstretched, reaching Like memoirs verified. … Continue reading

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