The Last, Long Dream – A Ballad

Note: Sahm and the The Daily Post have coinciding prompts: Dreams. Sahm has challenged us to write it in ballad form. Check out Sahm’s craft in his great ballad that got me reflecting.

Low the sky, I see north and south,
I’m stretched out east to west.
Beneath the ground with eyes locked up,
The land is small at best.

Death has come, stroking me to sleep,
Weary, full of regret
Of milestones yet to be traversed,
Of goodness that is debt.

Gentle winds blew for memories
Of days when light shone through.
Harsh gusts collapsed as angels wrote
The bad that I did do.

Clocks halt to end all words of hope.
What be this life? I ask.
To live and die between two arcs
Before my time to bask.

I did neglect, I did forget
This span is to be brief.
Oh God have mercy on my soul
As much of it felt grief.

There is no respite to be had
Waiting for day of days.
My time in life was to be spent
Upon the straight pathways.

I feared cold stones and aimless trails,
I wish to be of right,
To live amongst eternal love
In truths I did recite.

Low the sky, I see north and south,
I’m stretched out east to west.
Beneath the ground with eyes locked up,
The land is small at best.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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9 Responses to The Last, Long Dream – A Ballad

  1. tjtherien says:

    nice one Shain I was late picking this prompt so I’m not going to tackle it til morning hope I can do the form justice the way you and Sahm did

  2. Sahm King says:

    The Daily Post had one, too?!?!?!? Oooh, maaaan. Well. I’ll say this… This is a very, very awesome ballad, Shainbird. Somebody should sing this aloud. On video. I recommend Tim or Gary. >:D

    • Shainbird says:

      It happens sometimes. Thanks Sahm, it would be great to incorporate some readings on the 13 website, from time to time, I see audio players on blogs, I know Selena uses these. We could have a few readings. Although, I wouldn’t contribute, I hate hearing my voice outside my own head. 🙂 I know Gary sang, but Tim is news to me, maybe they could be our readers, you too, although it doesn’t have to be in song, it can be just readings. I think that would give us an edge on the site.

  3. Bastet says:

    Wonderful Shainbird, such a lovely ballad…sigh…! I’ve noticed that the Daily Post lately has often had similar prompts to what we’ve come up with in various areas. I didn’t know Gary sang!

    • Shainbird says:

      Thanks Bastet! Sometimes prompts collide in some alignment. Yeah, I remember Gary said something about writing/singing songs. Neat huh? I told Sahm, It would be great to incorporate readings by the best voices of the group to have our work read on the site. What do you think? It would add a dimension.

      • Bastet says:

        It would be great…as long as I don’t have to read…though I could do one for Sahm in memory of his rendition of my tribute to Carrol! 🙂 Actually I think it could be a great idea…wonder if Gary sings?

  4. Excellent, you are a wonder, pal.

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