A Legacy of Peace – A Terza Rima Sonnet

Oh ye sapient beings of legacies,
Architects of sky scrapers, nuclear bombs,
Phantoms hiding in facades of embassies.

Know your calls to war summon the death of psalms,
Heritage stained by a lexicon untrue,
Callous, your gift of creating pain and alms.

Red blood flows the world through, none endowed with blue.
No chosen people, souls choosing existence,
Forsaking all conflicts, giving Earth her due.

A bequest of seven billion from now hence,
A bold race, unarmed, to fulfill this promise
Of right, the dearest of all inheritance.

In generations of wars of avarice,
Peace, a birthright, untried as a catharsis.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

Note: Sahm at BWP gave us Monday Poetry Prompt #18: A Piece for Peace: “Imagine you’re at a summit for world peace and the like. You’re called to present reasons as to why the world should have a vested interest in caring for people who may not necessarily reside in their countries. Using a form of your choosing, frame what will essentially be an argument for true world peace.”


About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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12 Responses to A Legacy of Peace – A Terza Rima Sonnet

  1. tjtherien says:

    very nice Shain…thank you for the introduction to the Terza Rima Sonnet… 4 tercets and one couplet is it…???

  2. SSMatthews says:

    A birthright- excellent!

  3. Oloriel says:

    A brilliant piece, I love terza rima and you did a fantastic job!

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  5. Sahm King says:

    Reblogged this on The Arkside of Thought by Sahm King and commented:
    The Terza Rima in action, and a great piece to boot. Check it out!

  6. Bastet says:

    Great poem and interesting form! Really like how it flows.

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