In Patience

In patience, awaiting the last
Of luck to make complete the potluck,
Beauty’s eventual evolution, a rose
Growing inside a well, to spring, bloom
In sun, a long way coming, a long way
In patience.

A wishing well, a well-wisher
For all hearts beating, resting,
Uncrossed thresholds of worlds
To come, to make lovers of them all,
On the ninth of the penultimate
In patience still.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

NaNoWriMo Day 9: 1988


About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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6 Responses to In Patience

  1. Bastet says:

    You know…I loved the way you used the words here and you created something beautiful…but if I were to say that I understood the poem, I couldn’t reply yes. It’s lovely in itself and rereading it I now see interesting prospects…It’s like looking at certai impressionistic paintings for the first time…a blur of color which slowly takes form in one’s mind. Neat!

  2. Hi. would like to let you know that you’ve been blessed with an award. here’s the link you are a blessing to many, please continue being such 🙂

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