Full Fugue

Moon, full, I stare
As clouds cascade
By without care.

Above me they hover
Moon piercing through,
Futile, their cover.

Sheet after sheet
At an alarming rate,
Your glow, I wish to eat.

Our gaze fixed,
We move together
As clouds are nixed.

And I come undone
And you make me feel
Like I’m the only one.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

NaNoWriMo Day 17: 1643


About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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10 Responses to Full Fugue

  1. Bastet says:

    The moon beams
    for she knows
    that your gaze she’ll encounter:
    your loving words will flow
    honoring her rare beauty
    in a song
    for you are then one.

  2. Beautiful poem Shain, very nice.

  3. Rob says:

    Very sensual imagery! Beautiful 🙂

  4. The last stanza is beautiful.

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