Black and White in Color

© Shainbird

© Shainbird

At times – tough times,
Black and white exists
Clearly without bleeding
Of color, frivolousness
Loses velocity, deep breaths
Entomb smiles, hidden
Intertwined like branches
Of trees seen in starkness,
Birthday suits, showing
Wear are strong still yet
To venture in real world noir.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

Note: This is for We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #005: Trial and Tribulation. This photo although for B&W Fridays was not altered from its color format, the world seemed black and white. 


About Shainbird

"A lonely craftsman putting one word after another."
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13 Responses to Black and White in Color

  1. Bastet says:

    black and white
    no color just neutral
    no direction – no choices
    shadow of life
    awaiting to be colored
    by a loving artist’s hand
    until then
    awaiting – hibernating
    life seems suspended
    yet, my heart
    continues to beat

    ❤ Bastet

  2. Praveen says:

    Black and White
    With light & no light.
    Bounded away the rainbow from sight
    Highlighting the dams of life.
    Waiting for the breaking of lines
    red, yellow, blue, green…
    …colors of the rainbow,
    await inside the contrasts
    of Black & White.


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  4. Oloriel says:

    Gorgeously captivating Shaini, both the words and the photo. I really love the photo!

  5. Wonderful! We are both mesmerized by the blacks and whites around us…

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