© Shainbird

beauty, eyes survive
souls seized in cages of cold
released to wither

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

Note: This is for Georgia’s Pixelventures’ Close up: December 14, 2013

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Out in the Quiet Night

Out in the quiet night
Winter ice persists
Below sunless skies, hard,
White paths go without
Trespass, trees prostrate
In despair crippled, encased
Leaf by leaf in agonizing
Love clinging, vapor rises
To skies soundless save
For bodies of bark creaking
In the wind to Earth’s
Exacting stance.

Out in the quiet night
Apocalyptic streets
Picture postcards make,
Static shadows on white
Fall gray, haunting
Landscapes unknown
By artists with fingers
Numbed by December’s
Disposition, secrets
Remain in need of whispers,
To be lost in the thawing
To oblivion.

Walking for provisions,
Era without conveniences
Revisited, accompanied
By nature out in the quiet night.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

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© Shainbird

© Shainbird

Frost bitten thoughts
Numb consciousness,
Breath slips into cold,
Survival of the fittest
In spirit, precipitating
Justice and hope new,
Yet to take shape, place
In forming truth, beauty.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

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Shrieks From My Sweet Bird

My bird from life calls to me
In chirps of love, one, two, three,
Thus I go by morning light,
Traveling there in wingless flight
To bequeth my days of yore
In times and places I adore.

One day in weak, autumn heat,
A chorus I thought was complete,
Came shrieks, my bird from life released,
I ran to see what callous beast
Caused such sound from gentle beak,
Leaving me with visions bleak.

Sweet breath, my bird from life, in tree,
Whose life I’ll always envy,
Never thinking of unseen foes,
Cats and hawks and feeding woes,
Of sleepless nights in coming cold,
My narcissism, I did scold.

My bird from life, face unknown,
Nameless in branches far thrown,
An audio recording
Repeating for me, oft did sing,
His distress now taints my memory –
An amendment to our journey.

This life not for me played,
This life for which I prayed
No harm should come to him
Whose language flows like hymn.
My history set ajar
Of my bird from life, so far.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

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Lovely with Bitters

The quickness of the dawn
Should never slow
To my laziness,
In regretting it is gone,
I know it is lovely
With bitters.

The turn of gentle spring
To heat, and gracious
Autumn to cold, keeps
My eyes in vigil wake,
Seeing these lovely
With bitters.

The descent of your tender
Kiss is faded to clinging
Memory while we part,
I feel you near,
I love you lovely
With bitters.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

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Dignity – A Tanka


© Shainbird

sun tired of gray skies
hides within the gold of trees
life in perspective
red and brown trace blood and land
bareness minds our age to death

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

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We’ve Come a Long Way – A Rondeau

We’ve come a long way from depression days,
Meandering history like a maze,
Standing then, on cold days, for bread in queues.
Nowadays and despite the nightly news,
We should be thankful in so many ways.

Black Tuesday of Twenty-Nine, a tough phase
As Black Friday should bring back the heydays.
Tents pitched, lines form anew, frenzy ensues.
We’ve come a long way.

What is really sold and who really pays?
Life harnessed in avarice like thick glaze.
In the red, as black devours, a blown fuse
In vivid hearts, brilliant minds would amuse.
One would ponder, if, in this timely haze,
We’ve come a long way?

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

I hope you all share happy, safe and meaningful times over the Thanksgiving holiday. In the depths of NaNoWriMo, I do apologize for not maintaining myself here or at your wonderful blogs.

NaNoWriMo Day 26: 3109

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