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We’ve Come a Long Way – A Rondeau

We’ve come a long way from depression days, Meandering history like a maze, Standing then, on cold days, for bread in queues. Nowadays and despite the nightly news, We should be thankful in so many ways. Black Tuesday of Twenty-Nine, … Continue reading

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Conversational Mathematics – A Rondeau

Speak unto me in my own tongue, Stay not dumbfounded or unsung, Converse yourself in asymptotes From logs and square roots, feel your oats, Trail functions with domains far flung. Dispel the myths of math high-strung. Like Español, fluent among … Continue reading

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Variations – A Rondeau

In variations, life is continued. One’s trash is another’s pleasure imbued, A head clearing, generating windmills, Pies to elbows to books on windowsills, Changing times and generations renewed. Eternally our speech and hands are cued To the soundtrack of the … Continue reading

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Gather Your Hopes

Gather your hopes and bring your gun. A war is waging ‘neath the sun Betwixt rivals of wrong and wrong. Triggers in leash, it won’t be long ’Til we summon Armageddon. On lands, people, ideals we shun, Using munitions by … Continue reading

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As I Drift Off

As I drift off leaving my abode, Come visions remote, of seeds I’ve sowed. A flame-haired man entered like a thief, Running amok, wielding a steel leaf, Killing on contact, then out he strode. I met loveliness perched on a … Continue reading

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