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Nothing – A Sonnet

Nothing begins nowhere, not here, not there, Quiet nights echoing unuttered words, No news to convey, no kisses to share, Night without chimes, morning empty of birds. Should I be lost with nothing to offer, Elated that nothing is peace … Continue reading

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Double Seven

Note: Sahm at Because We’re Poets gave us Poetry Prompt #7: It’s a Gamble!: “Take a chance!  This one ought to be a bit of fun.  Hand-write a poem, something encouraging, in any form that you would like.  Once finished, take a photo … Continue reading

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Without Peace

I cannot waste time playing peacemaker, Forging good words, characters you adore. Dismantling hate, facades by the acre. A chess game that stirs within me a war. After a battle of loud discontent, Black stoned hearts are nothing like fertile … Continue reading

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We Invited Death To Come Along

Aye, we invited Death to come along. Like a crow flying among nightingales, After a few swallows, he sang our song. Counting down bottles and whispering hails, Seated at tables, persuading the scheme. He said, “Fear me not, I do … Continue reading

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